If you are considering buying a piece of land, selling or renting out your home, then before you do it is vital that you get an accurate land survey report produced. Through this survey, you will be able to clearly see where the boundaries of your land are and also determine if you have rights to the land in question.


Here at AMU Surveys established in 2010, we offer a wide range of surveys to clients not just in London and Buckinghamshire, but also throughout the UK. We can deliver a variety of different surveys to businesses and landowners alike that are designed to suit their needs and budget.



Topographical Survey

This type of survey will show all areas of interest in relation to a certain piece of land that will include both manmade and natural features.  We also use a topographical survey to help you establish the physical boundaries of the land that you may be considering purchasing.


3D Laser Scanning

This is a modern way of carrying out surveys and it enables us to scan not only landscapes but also buildings including all details.   We can produce very highly accurate 3D surveys in a very short space of time at a cost that is affordable.


Floor Plans

Here at AMU Surveys, we will create floor plans that are to scale of the existing space.  Architects for any proposed developments or to build extensions on to a property can then use these plans. These are suitable for use when you may be applying for planning permission.


Full Detail Elevation And Section Surveys

Our elevation surveys provide you with detailed information about various structural details that cannot be accurately depicted within floor plans. As for our section surveys, these will provide you with comprehensive information about your home.


Setting Out Survey

This type of survey will help to provide accurate reference points for any construction project, whether a new build, an extension or laying of a new road or driveway.


Structural Monitoring

This is vital when it comes to the demolishing of any structure, as it will help to assess if any movement has occurred to adjacent buildings or the façade of a property that remains.This type of monitoring will also help you to avoid any possible legal issues in the future.


Lease Plans

Whether leasing out or renewing the lease on residential or commercial land you will be required to get a Land Registry lease plan drawn up. The lease plans we produce set out everything that is included within the lease and also shows the entire land area.


Here at AMU Surveys, we have a very experienced and passionate team who have now developed a very loyal customer base. We believe that all jobs should be carried out in a timely and professional manner and cutting corners isn’t an option. We doing everything possible to ensure that all surveys we carry out can be relied upon.


We make use of the latest technology and electronic surveying equipment to ensure that we carry out all our land surveys to the highest standards possible.


Also, here at AMU Surveys, we do not believe you should be paying a fortune for high-quality work. We offer high-quality work at very competitive rates and would be more than happy to match any other written quote you receive.


Once we have compiled any surveys for you we can supply them to you in a variety of different formats to make the next stage of any project being undertaken by you easier. This can also include hard copies of all surveys carried out if you wish.


If you would be interested in learning more about the various services we offer throughout London, Buckinghamshire and UK then please call us here at AMU Surveys on 020 8338 1219. Alternatively, you can send us an email at info@amusurveys.co.uk or by filling in our online enquiry form. We will then arrange for one of our experienced team members to contact you to discuss your requirements further.