Setting out surveys involve placing markers in the ground that act as accurate reference points for your construction project, guiding the construction of new buildings, roads and other structures. By ensuring that construction is carried out in exact accordance with the design drawings, setting out surveying ensures the success of your project.


Our London setting out survey services include:

We provide a number of setting out services designed to make your construction project a success.

  • Volume and area computation
  • Site levels and profile boards
  • As-built check surveys
  • Co-ordinated marking to either a local or Ordinance Survey grid

Whether it’s a small residential project or large commercial build, our building surveyors will ensure all construction work is carried out in the legal boundaries, helping you to avoid later disputes, and help your builders construct exactly to plan.


Why choose AMU Surveys?

AMU Surveys have years of experience carrying out setting out surveys in London and the surrounding areas, using the latest technology and equipment. We believe you should be able to access high quality building surveying services at affordable prices, so at AMU Surveys, we operate a price match policy.

When you work with AMU Surveys, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the highest levels of professionalism, customer service and communication from your initial call to the completion of your construction project.


We understand just how important your construction project is to you, so we do everything we can to ensure it’s a success. For more information about our setting out surveys in London and the surrounding areas, simply call us on 020 8338 1219 or contact us online.