If you’re leasing out, or renewing the lease on, your residential or commercial land, you will need to have a Land Registry lease plan drawn up. At AMU, our experienced surveyors will provide you with everything you need in time and on budget to ensure your lease is finalised smoothly and without issue. With experience providing lease plans for projects of every size, you can rely on AMU to provide you with the lease plans you need.

What is a lease plan?

Lease plans will set out everything included within a lease and show the entire land area included in the lease. Current legislation requires all leases that last 7 years or more to be registered and have a Land Registry compliant lease plan prepared. At AMU Surveys, we’re experienced in drawing up to-scale lease plans for both residential and commercial properties.

We’ll ensure your lease plans clearly show any shared areas that may affect your property and gaining access to it and rights of way that need to be contracted will be included in the plans. We’ll include all areas of your property that will be transferred to your tenants under the lease so you comply with all relevant Land Registry legislation.

Why choose AMU for your lease plans?

When you have your lease plans drawn out by the team at AMU, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a high quality service at an affordable price within a short amount of time. One of our experienced surveyors will come and visit your site, carrying out all measurements using our cutting edge technology. We’ll then utilise this data at our London headquarters and create a lease plan you can use for leasing out your land or renewing your current lease.

At AMU, our professional surveyors offer a price match policy, so if you have a written quote from somewhere else that offers the same work at a lower cost, we’ll match it. We’re dedicated to providing you with high quality lease plans and an unparalleled level of customer service to make your life as easy and simple as possible.


For more information about our lease plans and your free, no obligation quote, fill in our contact form or call 020 8338 1219 today.