Based in London and Aylesbury, AMU Land Measured Building Surveys has years of experience meeting the surveying requirements for companies across London and the surrounding areas. An AutoCAD solutions company, our technical prowess is matched only by our commitment to completing large-scale commercial drawing to even the most exacting of requirements.

Our experience has seen us work on small and large-scale projects, creating an immersive CAD floor plan that allows clients and construction professionals to gain thorough understanding of the necessary features and physical boundaries of the land. This enables construction projects to be meticulously planned and designed from these existing floor plans, helping to create a seamless and timely build process.

Accurate Floor Plans for Existing Structures and Spaces

At AMU Surveys, each floor plan is a to-scale drawing of an existing space. By outlining the individual aspects in a floor plan, it can then be used by architects in proposed developments, to make extensions, and to apply for planning permission. Featuring an elevated viewpoint looking down over a building, our CAD floor plans show the relationship between rooms, spaces, traffic patterns and the physical features of each level of a structure.

The design will include dimensions that are usually drawn between the walls to specify room sizes and the lengths of each wall. Floor plans can also include specific details of the fixtures, including the windows and doors, columns, beams, heating and the floor-to-ceiling heights.

Why Do I Need a CAD Floor Plan?

The benefits to commissioning a building surveying business to create a floor plan are clear. A CAD floor plan will help you to understand a plethora of layout specifics. From where fire escapes are in place to how individual space is allocated. They can even be a guide for emergency services in the event of an incident or for maintenance workers who need to access specific areas. What’s more, they are integral to the building and development process when applying for planning permission and indeed, during the planning and design process.

Floor Plan Quotes

As a customer-centric business, we strive to provide the most competitive service to clients in Aylesbury, London and the surrounding areas. Should you receive a more cost-effective quotation for the same job, we will match it.

To learn more how a CAD floor plan from AMU Surveys can help you to accurately envision a proposed project, or if you’d like to receive a competitive quote, call us today on: 020 8338 1219 or fill in our contact form.