Elevation and section surveys from AMU will ensure you have all the important information you need about your home. Our elevation and section surveys employ the use of the latest technology to ensure your results are as accurate as possible. Ensure you’re aware of all the essential information about your building, no matter the size.

What is an elevation survey?

An elevation survey will produce detailed information about various structural details that can’t be accurately depicted on a floor plan. Features, such as the elevation of window sills and head levels are some of the details you can expect in an elevation survey, along with adjoining properties and cornice and banding details.

A highly experienced and qualified member of our professional team will come to your building and conduct the elevation survey with advanced surveying technology. The information is processed in our London headquarters to give you your results quickly and efficiently.

What is a section survey?

Our section surveys offer the highest level of comprehensive information about your home. Using information such as floor levels, we create two sections through your home. Then using cutting edge equipment, we produce highly accurate elevation and section plans.

We work regularly with a number of architects, builders, designers and construction companies, so we’re incredibly well-equipped to help you with any of your requirements.

Elevation & Section survey quotes

At AMU, we offer a price match policy, meaning we’ll match any cheaper written quote for the same work. Fill in our simple contact form or call us directly on 020 8338 1219 to receive a quote.

We’re committed to producing comprehensive surveys as cost-efficiently as possible. Contact us today to book your elevation & section survey.