We serve 3D laser scanning in London. 3D laser scanning is the modern way of surveying, by using a laser scanner we gain the ability to scan and survey landscapes and buildings – including all their details, furnishing and installations – at a very fast rate; providing highly accurate 3D surveys at a low cost. 3D laser scanning is an efficient and reliable way to gain dimensionally accurate surveys and avoid errors in interpretation that may occur without the advantage of a three-dimensional  survey. This is achieved by shining a reflector-less laser over a surface or building to collect 3D data, the laser scanner records accurate dense 3D points to give revolutionary detail in just minutes. 3D laser scanning surveys can be done remotely and unobtrusively; perfect for surveying unstable or dangerous environments without compromising health and safety.

The advantages of 3D Laser Scanning

There are many advantages to using 3D laser scanning for your land or building survey in London

  • Gain building information – 3D laser scanning is the optimal process for Building Information Modelling (BIM).
  • Speed – 3D laser scanning has rapid collection of site data per second; no need for revisits for missed data. This also means fast turnaround in restricted access areas (such as motorways and railways).
  • Price – as 3D laser scanning surveys are so fast this means they’re highly cost efficient too.
  • Accuracy – accuracy is the main advantage of laser scanning, every detail is captured as a virtual identical survey.
  • Safety – dangerous areas such as power plants don’t have to be considered.
  • Mining and tunnels – 3D laser scanning makes it possible to measure and survey tunnel construction and the mining industry.
  • Mechanical engineering – 3D laser scanning can be used during machine operation, saving time and money without disruption.
  • Visualisation – 3D surveys allow you to better understand a land or building survey, having the ability to physically see the dimensions both aids insight and impresses potential buyers.
  • Monitor change – 3D laser surveys give a snapshot of a building or land at a certain time, this provides a record which can later be compared to monitor change.

Areas we service

At AMU surveys, we offer 3D laser scanning in London, however, we also have an office in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire where we also provide our 3D laser scanning services to surrounding areas.

Get in touch

If you want to find out how 3D laser scanning surveys in London can improve your current land and building surveys, please don’t hesitate to call us at either our London office on: 020 8338 1219, or at our Aylesbury office on: 01296 568 175 and speak to a professional surveyor today. Alternatively, you can contact us online or by email at info@amusurveys.co.uk for a prompt response on any of our 3D laser scanning services.